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Welcome to My Dad's Floor and Upholstery Cleaning, where we redefine the art of cleaning, leaving no corner untouched and no detail overlooked.

Our mastery shines brightest in carpet cleaning, where we harness the might of a robust truck-mounted machine to unleash a powerful cleaning performance. This heavy-duty equipment ensures a deep and comprehensive cleaning process, effectively eradicating embedded dirt and leaving your carpets revitalized, odor-free, and as good as new.

Our unwavering dedication is to surpass your expectations and provide you with a cleaner, healthier living environment that you can truly appreciate. So why wait? Don't hesitate to book an appointment with us today, and experience firsthand the remarkable difference that sets My Dad's Floor and Upholstery Cleaning apart from the rest.

Moni S.

Amazing, friendly service from start to finish. My questions were answered over the phone and I was able to do a last minute booking to get my carpets cleaned. Richard and his wife came out and were so great to work with. They both explained everything in detail- even greater detail for my husband who wasn't completely convinced to try a new company!

They were quick, courteous, and did an amazing job! They got the smell of cat out that the last owners had left behind and my carpets look and feel fresh and new. Carpets were barely damp to the touch and dry by that night! So happy to have found someone to put as my go to! Definitely recommended!

Jan 22, 2024
Heather R.

Absolutely love this company. It is privately owned and operated. Defiantly quality work and attention to detail. I had them do my whole house and I was happy with work and price and customer service. Especially nice to have a husband and wife team I felt cozy with having in my home with my personal items clearing accessible to. I will use them again for sure as I have pets, live in the mountains with lots of dirt, I will sure need them :)

Jan 22, 2024
Amanda D.

Wow I found this carpet cleaning company almost by accident. My regular guys ignored my many messages and so I found My Dads Cleaning Service. We have 3 year old carpets that are cleaned every 6 months or so.. and, in the past, even though I used the more expensive companies, the carpets just looked old, worn and drab. I assumed it was the carpet quality these days.. come to find out that the other cleaners didn't get all the soap out so it just lasted down and picked up dirt. THESE GUYS MADE IT AS GOOD AS NEW AGAIN! It wasn't a cleaning but a restoration. Cost was the same if not a little cheaper. Pet safe products. No smell at all when the carpet dried which only took a couple of hours. They also took our large wool rug away to clean and I'm excited to see the difference. We're so thankful for their attention to detail and care. We will use this company from now on. In addition to the quality of service, the customer service was equally amazing. Highly recommend this company.

Jan 22, 2024

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Valerie Rose

21 June 2024

21 June


Thanks to My Dad's, my old carpeting is looking and smelling like new. My upholstery was also cleaned and now has a fresh smell and appearance. My Dad's spent...
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Sue Metz

06 June 2024

06 June


Dad’s Cleaning Service was professional and efficient. My carpets look beautiful again. There was never any doubt as to their arrival time as well as a clear de...
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